Contractify opens new office in the Netherlands

Contractify opens its first office in the Netherlands today. With this festive opening the SaaS-company reinforces its objective: conquer Europe with the most accessible contract management software for medium-sized companies.

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The Netherlands is looking for contract management solutions

Partly due to the corona crisis, in which working from home became the standard, companies are increasingly focusing on digitizing their internal processes. One of those internal processes is contract management.

" Speaking with companies in the Netherlands, we noticed that although people are aware of the challenges around contract management, the right solution had not yet been found," explains Steven Debrauwere, CEO of Contractify. "Where contracts used to be kept in a file cabinet or somewhere on a desk, companies now want them digitally centralized. After all, the right people need access to essential documents anywhere, anytime. In addition, working remotely is not conducive to the overall process of contract management. Because of the physical distance, signing and getting approval often takes far too long.

These are pain points that Contractify solves with a digital data room that replaces the traditional file cabinet. This digital data room is accessible to the person involved anytime and anywhere, making workflows more efficient and significantly minimizing turnaround time.

Who is Contractify?

In 2015, Steven Debrauwere and Herlinde De Buck founded Contractify as consultants to help companies improve their contract management. Because they could not find software that met the needs of them and their customers, they decided to develop their own contract management tool.

Contractify has since become a leading software provider for contract monitoring. The contract management software helps companies centralize, manage and sign all contracts in one secure contract library.

The online contract platform also allows you to sign contracts faster with customizable signing and approval flows, and enables users to monitor a contract's end date to prevent unwanted automatic renewals. In addition to these features, Contractify will launch a new AI feature this year that lets customers register contracts up to five times faster.

The leap to the Dutch market

"As a scale-up, you can't continue to grow if you keep fishing in your own country," says Steven Debrauwere. After a few years of successful business in Belgium, the sights were set on the Netherlands as a test. This paid off, as several Dutch companies have already adopted contract management software. Steven Debrauwere: "Despite the increasing digitalization, we consider it important to be close to our Dutch customers. With an office in Utrecht, we make sure we are as accessible as possible to our customers in the Netherlands.”

New AI feature to conquer the European market

The start-up's ambitions also extend beyond the Dutch borders. In order to win over the European market, Contractify is betting heavily on artificial intelligence. This summer, the contract management platform is launching its first AI feature that allows contracts to be registered 5 times faster. With this feature, Contractify is primarily targeting companies with large volumes of contracts, which are impossible to digitize manually.

Contractify’s new office is located at Van Deventerlaan 163 in Utrecht 

Accessible by appointment via + 31 3 080 815 81 or