3 steps to reaching your targets in any circumstance


One thing is for certain, whatever type of business you are in, or size of company you’re responsible for, the last two years have been a challenge. Now that we’re entering the third year of the pandemic, it’s safe to say that financial risks are mitigated. So, it’s time to pursue financial goals and be proactive again. Easier said than done, you might think? Not when you start focussing on matters that you can control! In this blog post, we will talk about what having control means and provide you with practical advice on how to make your company thrive in a constantly changing environment. 

What does control mean? 

Having control is usually aimed at 

1. reaching strategically calculated milestones, and 
2. being able to ensure profit and growth towards the management team and stockholders. 

Yet, how can you genuinely commit, and take responsibility for these goals and targets when everything seems to constantly be in motion? When budgets have been involuntarily thrown out of the window more than once? By taking back the lead and fully benefit from new opportunities.  

1. Adapt and adjust, fast 

Due to the pandemic, companies have shown a tremendous amount of flexibility and creativity. The ones that were able to stay (highly) profitable most likely achieved this by:

  • Finding innovative ways to get products to their customers; 
  • Changing existing assortments to become relevant again
  • Watching new trends (e.g. fancy mouth masks) closely and acting on them fast. 

Adapting fast to new circumstances and changing strategies was inevitable to survive the pandemic. Now that things are stabilizing, people want to learn how to do business in a changed environment and start to be proactive again. In order to be able to pull the strings again, it’s important to focus on optimizing your business and, as a result, making it resilient. 

2. Focus on what you can control

Obviously, besides affecting public health, the pandemic caused economic chaos. Resulting in labour shortage, supply-chain problems and teams solely working from home. Reaching your financial goals and targets in these uncontrollable circumstances require a diversity of underlying strategies, that can be translated into: 

In our experience, focussing on these points will give you back the control that you need to make your company thrive in any circumstances. Want to learn more and get inspired? Or, would you like to discuss this hot topic with like-minded people? That’s what this webinar on taking back control is made for. Make sure to watch it & share your thoughts on it with us or with your network.

3. Benefit from new opportunities 

Now is the time to fully benefit from new opportunities, regardless of the rapidly changing environment. Sounds impossible? We’ve got you covered! Besides giving practical advice, we are also sharing our own story and how we managed to face all the mentioned challenges. You can find them in our practical guide which covers:

  • How to be proactive again and regain control 
  • Pointers on increasing efficiency and decreasing workload 
  • Keeping a motivated team when working remotely

Download the guide and learn all the ins and outs on taking back control in 2022!